This is the podcast for Staheli's Shooting Supplies.
In this weeks episode we decided to talk about kids and guns. More to the point, spending time with your kids, or just working with the youth, so they learn safety and responsibility from YOU.
Also, this is the last episode of the year so... HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!
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Our Christmas episode is mostly ramblings but we do manage to talk about being in condition yellow during the holidays as well as multiple concealed carry guns vs one all around gun.
Merry Christmas

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This weeks show is about us mostly rambling about barrels and barrel twist. The rest is just three stooges talking about our hobby.
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This week we discuss using a flash light and its effects on your "night vision". Also we talk about using paint ball guns and airsoft guns for practice, as well as practicing with your "weak hand".
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This weeks topics were brought on by listeners questions. We discuss small guns as gifts for your wife, as well as sighting in a hunting rifle. We also talk about carrying with a round in the pipe, (that's with one loaded).
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This week we interview the author of the new book "the Gilmore Gun" written by Dennis Stilson. We also caught up on our emails so this is a longer episode.
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This week is part 2 of our interview with the President of Tiger Light, Micheal Teig.  The rest of the time is taken up by just Tom and Carl because Stan and Travis are both still working.
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This week is part 1 of our interview with the president of Tigerlight
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This week we thought we should talk about carrying concealed while wearing a costume, (to fit in with the Halloween holiday), as well as when wearing clothing that does not lend itself to concealing very well.
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This week we talk a little about FirstShots as well as a discussion on how to take a first timer shooting, what to bring, ect...
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