This is the podcast for Staheli's Shooting Supplies.

This week we talk about our personal .22 caliber favorites. Both rifle and pistol.

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This week Jason, Mike, Stan, and Carl get together to talk about their shooting adventures.

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After many technical problems we have a youth shooting podcast. This week Jason Christensen of Concealment Solutions and Mike Andelin of Full.Lead.Taco take a youth group shooting.

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The girls get together to talk about the annual A Girl and a Gun Conference in Texas. Good times!

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Stan made his first recording for the podcast. Just talking about guns this week.

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It's the Concealed Taco Dudes recording at our local Friends of the NRA banquet.

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Talking with our local gunsmith about some recent gunshow scrounges. (go to a gunshow).

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This week Jason Christensen of Concealment Solutions and Mike Andelin from Full.Lead.Taco took over to talk about prepping and bug out bags.

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We are back to talk about our project build. A bolt action pistol in 300 blackout.

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This week we were hanging out with Travis from Buckeye Targets in the workshop of Jason Christensen just talking guns so we recorded a quick micro-cast.

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This week we talk wildlife conservation with good friend Jim Heffelfinger.

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We talk gun tool this week. The ones you should have as well as the ones you don't need but could have.

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This week we go on a field trip to the man cave of Full.Lead.Taco to cast our own lead bullets.

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This week we wanted to talk about what we know is coming for Shot Show and some rumors.

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This week we went shooting with YouTuber Full.Lead.Taco

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We are talking a little about some of our Christmas gifts and our New Years Resolutions for 2019.

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