This is the podcast for Staheli's Shooting Supplies.

This week we talk about some of the sites we use to find information about the laws concerning guns, knives, and pepper spray in different states.

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This week we were at our local Friends of the NRA banquet so we decided to make another micro-cast while we were there to quickly report on our impressions of the event.

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On this week's show we talked about some equipment ideas for home invasion preparation.

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Because Carl needed more time to finish up construction on the Fort Knox studio. We took the time to grab the mobile recorder and head up to meet one of our good friends, Gary Lee, at our local Cabelas. Because we were remote, we just made this an email response eisode. Also, we want to mention that is now taking pre-orders for the Glock magholder for only $19.95 but only for a limited time when you enter "GunDudes" at checkout.

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This week's show is a little longer because we have a great interview with Jim Heffelfinger, author of the book "Deer of the Southwest" and head of the Arizona Junior Jack Camp.

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This week the Fort Knox studio is being renovated so we recorded a mobile microcast after shooting an IDPA classifier.

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This week we invite Steve Koski to join us again to talk about the reasons to attend a MAG 40 class.

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This week we interview Joe Good about the new oderless gun cleaner Tec Shield Elite.

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This week Carl is helped out by Jason Christensen from Concealment Solutions, Nick Moyes from and Kenny Barlow from North American Arms. They were excited to talk about their experiences with the Laserlyte cartridge laser trainer and targeting system.

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We wrap up the 2013 Shot Show with this hour long "micro-cast". We start off talking about the things that stood out to Carl while at Shot, then we end with about 9 other interviews that were done while there.

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