Chicks talking guns (and the occasional lucky dude). Yes, you read that correctly. Come have a listen while we chat about our adventures in the gun world. Man or woman, no discrimination here!
In this weeks episode we decided to talk about kids and guns. More to the point, spending time with your kids, or just working with the youth, so they learn safety and responsibility from YOU.
Also, this is the last episode of the year so... HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!
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Our Christmas episode is mostly ramblings but we do manage to talk about being in condition yellow during the holidays as well as multiple concealed carry guns vs one all around gun.
Merry Christmas

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This weeks show is about us mostly rambling about barrels and barrel twist. The rest is just three stooges talking about our hobby.
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This week we discuss using a flash light and its effects on your "night vision". Also we talk about using paint ball guns and airsoft guns for practice, as well as practicing with your "weak hand".
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This weeks topics were brought on by listeners questions. We discuss small guns as gifts for your wife, as well as sighting in a hunting rifle. We also talk about carrying with a round in the pipe, (that's with one loaded).
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This week we interview the author of the new book "the Gilmore Gun" written by Dennis Stilson. We also caught up on our emails so this is a longer episode.
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This week is part 2 of our interview with the President of Tiger Light, Micheal Teig.  The rest of the time is taken up by just Tom and Carl because Stan and Travis are both still working.
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This week is part 1 of our interview with the president of Tigerlight
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This week we thought we should talk about carrying concealed while wearing a costume, (to fit in with the Halloween holiday), as well as when wearing clothing that does not lend itself to concealing very well.
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This week we talk a little about FirstShots as well as a discussion on how to take a first timer shooting, what to bring, ect...
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This week we interview Steve Koski, a local IDPA shooter and sometimes champ. We talk about how he started the Utah IDPA club back in the 90s as well as some tips on how to get into IDPA and what to bring ect..
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We attended the last IDPA shoot in Utah County for this year so we thought we should talk about our experiences and our thoughts on the event. (We loved it)
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We used a listener email for this weeks topic. We were asked to talk about Crimson Trace lasers, which we like, but we felt we should also talk about their competitor Laser Max.
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This week Stan is out of town scouting out his Elk hunting spots so he has asked Travis to fill in for him again. We went with a listener topic about how to clear your house. We give some great references for DVDs and such, like Clint Smith, and Personal Defense TV. Then we gave some of our own ideas. I would go to the DVDs instead of listening to us though.
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This week we decided to take care of a few questions that have been bugging us by doing a little round table discussion about a few different things. We prepared well, then used none of it.
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This week we use one of our listeners topics, and talk about pepper spray. This one may be our longest episode yet.
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This week we discuss the old, seasoned, but well used world of the surplus gun. Particularly those found from the site

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We are all back this week to mock and make fun of each other. This time around we finish a topic Tom tried to do a few episodes back about red dot's. We also mention a Fort Knox Safe raffle done by a local football player to raise money for his team, and we finally put up on the website how to get a discount on a Fort Knox Hand Gun safe.
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Both Tom and Stan were missing this week so Carl found Travis and a guest for episode 57. Thad Thomas from Action Target joins us for a little interview about what they do.
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This week we went to facebook for our topic. We had some comments about our thoughts on scopes and so Stan ran us through four basic hinting scopes.
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This week the guy's go to a local I.D.P.A. shoot and talk about their "luck". Also we discuss Tom and Travis's new Cross Breed Holsters and get their reviews on how they worked for them.
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This week we talk about slings. From plain Jane to the single point, we discuss what we like and what we use. Also we answer an e-mail about prior felons options to defend their families, (which are very few).
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This week all the Gundudes went camping so we could do a little varmit shooting. We talk about that as well as make fun of each other, (a lot).
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This week we discuss ways to carry and what to carry when camping and hiking. Also, Neldon from the Friends of the N.R.A. fills in for Stan and puts out an e-mail auction through the gundudes.
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This episode we talk about our recent experience with bad ammo. Also we discuss an "experiment" with different shot gun stocks, Are they worth the extra money?
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It's the 4th of July and we are having a blast. We went long on this one but we covered 2 topics this time. first we talk about gun prep in your car. Then we talk about some useful tips on how to avoid gun buyers remorse.
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This week we got a little silly with last week's "Red Tom" theme, but we put it at the beginning and end of the episode. Tom returns this week so we talked about our experience with confrontations in the work place regarding guns and suggestions on handling them.
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We are back after our computer crash. We suspect Tactical Tom may have turned into "Red Tom" the Communist sympathizer. For our topics this week we talk about shooting IDPA and using Tannerite as a target.
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This episode we continue with the second part of a question from last week about pocket carry pistols and our preferences on which kinds to use.
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Only the untouchable trio today. We were sent a question about our thoughts on semi autos vs revolvers, for our topic so in addition to the normal self defense in the news and missfire award, that's all we had time to talk about. We will have to use our 2nd topic for next weeks show.
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The untouchable trio are back with a little help from Tom's brother Milo, and also from Travis. This episode we talk about how to treat a new shooter (and some examples of how not to treat a new shooter). Also we talk about striker fired pistols. (when we get around to it).
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Eric Shelton from the Handgun podcast joins us at the N.R.A. convention and helps us with the show. Along with the normal news and missfire award, we talk about what we get to see at the Arizona event center.
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We invited some gun ladies to fill in for Stan and help us talk about their guns and also emergency preparedness.
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This is our longest episode yet. Heavy with banter, we go through self defense in the news and the missfire award. In the second half we talk about Stan's camouflage job on his rifle and then talk about some of our favorite gun movies.
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Neldon's back this episode to talk about the upcoming local Friends of the N.R.A. banquet on May 30th. With the news, and missfire award, we talk about differing media views for the same story as well as mucking up the rest of our topics.
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