Chicks talking guns (and the occasional lucky dude). Yes, you read that correctly. Come have a listen while we chat about our adventures in the gun world. Man or woman, no discrimination here!

This week is another mix during the different segments. Steve Koski helped Carl and Tom out with the News and Misfire section as well as the e-mails. Then we took out the topic that was recorded and just Stan and Carl finished up our Zombie discussion.

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This weeks topic is one that entertained us so we decided to go with it. We wanted to talk about the Zombie Apocolipse. Identifying zombies, where to shoot them, and the beginings of what may be a two part show on preparing for those rotting corpses.

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The first 3rd of this recording has a small background noise but we managed to fix that for the rest of the show. We decided to discuss Mass Ayoob's "The Phenomenon of Auditory Exclusion" (that's tunnel hearing). There's a lot of joking around in this episode to make it less dry but we had fun recording it.

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This week Steve Koski, Travis, and Carl are talking about rangebags. We were missing Stan so we were not able to do e-mails so the 3rd part was a quick review.

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This weeks topic is from a listeners email again about the likes and dislikes of the different trigger systems. Also at the very end we announce that we have the first order of t-shirts in our possession.

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