Chicks talking guns (and the occasional lucky dude). Yes, you read that correctly. Come have a listen while we chat about our adventures in the gun world. Man or woman, no discrimination here!

The sound is a little off at times on this eisode because we were talking across the world with Daniel Shaw, of the Gunfighter Cast, in Japan, We just wanted to hear from one of our Marines and we thought you would too.

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This week's show we have Steve Koski on again to help us talk about some of the stupid rules of IDPA  that are commonly misunderstood and the logic or reasoning behind them.

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For this episode we were asked to say a little more about the SERT training pistol and about Desert Tactical so we quickly touoched on those subjects. Then we had our IDPA guy Steve Koski talk about why we use less gunpowder when loading heavier bullets.

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This week we finally did our review of the SIRT training laser pistol we received from the folks at , we had a lot of fun using this trainer pistol and found it has some great benefits for those involved in competition especially.

Our email was out of order for half the week but we are up and running again.

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