Chicks talking guns (and the occasional lucky dude). Yes, you read that correctly. Come have a listen while we chat about our adventures in the gun world. Man or woman, no discrimination here!

This week we finally have Jon Hodoway on the show to talk about Nighthawk Custom Training Academy and Nighthawk custom 1911 pistols. The rest of the time is spent mocking.

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Shot Show Outtake

This is the outtake that Tom mentioned in his micro-casts during the 2012 shot show.

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This week Tom and Jason Christensen return from Las Vegas to give their final thoughts on the 2012 Shot Show.

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Shot Show Day 5

This is the last microcast for the 2012 Shot Show. It's an interview with Doug Tarter from Fort Knox Safes, and also an interview with Zack Carlson from Lone Wolf Dist.

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Shot Show Day 4

Tom wraps up day 4 of the shot show.

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Shot Day 3

More interviews and thoughts from day 3 of the shot show.

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The Un-named Trucker joins Tom for some great interviews for day 2 of the Shot Show. Champion shoter Jerry Miculek and also C.E.O. of NextLevel Training Mike Hughes.

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Shot Show day 1

Tommy gives us his review of day 1, media day. Where the media gets together with the vendors to try out the new products.

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This week we have another quick episode but we eliminated the topic because Tom and Jason will be at the shot show this next week so we will be posting a number of micro-casts to make up for it.
This first link is not really gun related but it is Firefly related which is close enough for us. It's a link to the Chinese swear words and their meaning's from the TV show.
. Next is a link for the AR-15 engraved dust covers

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This week, the fantastic duo X2 are all back together with the addidion of our good friend Steve Koski. We started talking about trigger pull but like usual we ended up talking all over the place.

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We are back, finally, so we went shooting with one of our MAG 40 friends, Trent Snyder. We were ablr to shoot both the bolt action and AR10 style .308 so that became our topic.

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