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Chicks talking guns (and the occasional lucky dude). Yes, you read that correctly. Come have a listen while we chat about our adventures in the gun world. Man or woman, no discrimination here!

This week we're talking about more laser training devices.

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This week the original GunDudes are back with a full studio as we interview Stephanie Staheli and Karen Wilson from Staheli's shooting supplies, (SX3), about building AR-15s.

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This week we are back to talk about 5 guns that everyone should have. (At least to start with).

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We are back from our brief hiatus to talk about how we choose the guns that go into our own gun collections.

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This episode is the one that Stan and Carl jumped ahead of last week so we are releasing it now for Tom.

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This week Stan and Carl entered a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in Tom's upcoming solo episode so they did their own just to be creeps. They just did a what we did in guns this week as well as talk about Stan's "procedure". Sorry in advance for that.

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This week we give our initial review of the H&K VP9.

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This week we sit down with our resident IDPA champ to talk about our recent IDPA state match.

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This week, Joe the web guy joins Carl and Kenny as they talk about deep concealment.

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This week we pick the brain of Massad Ayoob about shooting in competitions, the Glock 42, sub-compact Glocks like the 26 and the 30, and we end by asking why take training at MAG 40.

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This week's show is our MAG40 microcast

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This week we talk with Ryan Clark and JP Martinez from Tegra Arms about their new Carbon Fiber AR-15's.

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This week we talk about our recent super shoot as well as getting ready for our upcoming state IDPA match.

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This week we talk about concealment alternatives, like furniture.

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This week we discuss the upcoming release of the 299 days series on audiobook with Glen Tate.

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This week the untouchable trio is back to talk about 3 gun nation.

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This week's episode is a microcast with another interview from John Hodoway about the Walther PPQ.

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This week Stan and Carl are joined by Mark Housekeeper as they talk about MAG40.

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Carl, Nick, Steve, and Kenny discuss older and period firearms that are great starters for new shooters.

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This week Tom and Carl are hanging out with John Hodoway, from Nighthawk Custom Training Academy, talking about training... as well as some of the things that are bothering him.

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This week we get together to discuss the rumors ,(and articles), floating around about the army wanting a new harder hitting pistol.

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This week Kenny & Tom (AKA Maverick and Goose) are left without supervision.

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This week the dudes shot a match and Nick got a new gun.

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This week we talk about guns on campouts and hikes.

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It's episode 300! We decided to get together and reminisce about the past 6 years of podcasting. Just us hanging out.

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This week we interview Keith Lawson VP of Operations at Dan Wesson.

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This week we talk about the benefits of joining a local club. Then we discuss our recent night match.

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This week we talk about carry etiquette.

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This week we invited Daniel Brigman from Numanna food storage back to talk about some of his products as well as his visit to the Bunndy Ranch.

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This week we talk about Kenny's return from this years NRA convention.

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This week's episode is a microcast while we are at our local Friends of the NRA banquet... and yes, Stan is here for the prine rib.

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This week Carl finally received his new 1911 so Mark Housekeeper disassembled it. Then they talked about the 4 guns, they own, that they would keep if they had to narrow it down for the S.H.T.F.

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This week we had a lot of fun talking about what we did with guns so that section led us into our own picks for a fantasy gun draft.

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This week we continue with the gun trust theme as we speak with Jeff from Dark Side Tactical about gun mufflers. (Silencers, or suppressors)

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This week we interview Phil Nelson from We discuss gun trust's, legal services, his books, and his smart phone app.

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GunDudesEpisode289(2nd try)

This week we are excited to hear a special announcement from our good friend Glen Tate about the 299 days series.

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This week we have fixed our computer problems and are back just in time for a visit from Neldon Groo to talk about the Friends of the N.R.A.

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This week the dudes make fun of short people, then they interrogate Nick about his first shooting competition.

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This week, since we have been catching up on the 299 day's series by Glen Tate, we decided we wanted to talk about another type of preparedness, Food storage. (That frees you up for gun stuff). So we spoke with Daniel Brigman from

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This week we interview Ryan Hyde creator of the Gun Box hand gun safe. After we answer some facebook questions.

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This week's episode starts out like a Seinfield episode, (it's about nothing), but then we develope into a topic about new shooter competition necessities.

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Micro cast with the Unnamed trucker

This is an interview with Travis and the Unnamed trucker from the Road gunner podcast.

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This week we discuss the new 9mm round from G2Research, the Radically Invasive Projectile (R.I.P.)

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This week we quickly got together to talk about what we did in guns this week and we play a couple of Nicks interviews from Shot show with Bench Made, Liberty Ammunition, and Sport Ear.

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This week we get a report from Nick Moyes of about the 2014 Shot Show.

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This week Stan, Carl, Tom, and Steve Koski are back from our vacation to talk about AR pistols.

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This week we were barely able to meet up so we scraped an episode together talking about 80% AR15 lowers. (After we talked about our UPS Christmas).

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This week Carl,Tom,Steve Koski and Jason Christensen talk about negligent discharges. (Sounds dirty but it's not).

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This week we interview Tom O'Leary designer from ScottEVest to talk about the Brad Thor Alpha jacket. It's a tactical ninja's dream.

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This week we are glad to have Glen Tate, author of the 299 days series, to help us as we discuss Prepping.

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This week we interview Ben from Red E Hand. The multi-axis vice used for gunsmithing to fly fishing.

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This week the guys interview Larry Correia, best selling author and gun activist.

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This week we talk with one of our own CCW permit instructors about some of the many toopics that are usually covered while taking the concealed carry permit class. 

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This week we talk with Don Owen from Shot Master Dry-Fire Targets.

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This week we wanted to talk about another type of rescue equipment. (Remember guns are a piece of rescue equipment).  So we asked our good friend and Project Appleseed Czar, Trent Snyder, to talk about Ham Radio.

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This week Carl is joined again by Nick and Kenny from as they discuss just some of the different locations of carry for backup and pocket guns.

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This week we interview Tyler Oneal from Also, Gary Ree finally cut's the GunDudes a check for all their fine work.

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This week, Carl, Tom, and Travis are joined by Steve Koski and Evan Woolley as they talk about the recent Utah IDPA State match.

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This week Carl is joined by Nick and Kenny, (from and North American Arms), as they visit Darkside Tactical to film the disassembly and re-assembly of an AR15 rifle.

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This week Stan and Carl are joined by Mark Housekeeper from as they talk about their recent local GSSF match.

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This week Stan, Carl,Tom, and Steve Koski get together to talk about the cost of entry level gun ownership.

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This week is our MAG 40 report directly after the last day of class. We were able to interview most all of the class, including Massad Ayoob and Gail Peppin, about their impressons of the class.

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This week we talk with our resident I.D.P.A. champ Steve Koski about beginners gear for competitive shooting and Steve's account of the Washington State match. Also, Stan and Carl make an announcement for a Vet's widdow.-

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This week we have 2 product reviews. First are our testing of Stainless Steel Guide Rods, then we review the Geigerrig hydration pack.

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This week on GunDudes, we get to meet again with instructor Kyle Hill from Full Spectrum Tactical.

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This week Carl is joined again by Nick Moyes from and Kenny Barlow from North American Arms as they interview Chris from I.M.F.D.B. ( thats the Internet Movie Firearms Database).

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This week we are joined by Daniel Shaw from the Gunfighter cast, in person, just hours after attending his 2 day pistol course.

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This week we are joined by Nick Moyse from and Kenny Barlow from North American Arms as we talk about reluctant concealed carriers and N.A.A. guns.

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This week it's Tom, Steve Koski, and Daniel Shaw on the show while the rest are on vacation.

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This week we are joined by Chaz "the Un-named Trucker"as we talk about our good friend John Hodoway and his ASSERT Training. (That stands for Active School Shooter Emergency Response Team Training).

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This week we talk with Cory Dickerson from

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This week we talk aboout a local "gun run" charity called run4guns with our friends Nick Moyse and Kenny Barlow from

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This week we call Glen Tate, author of the 299 days series to shoot the bull about his books, prepping, and his new writing gig on TopGunReview.

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This week Carl and Tom record in a local Beto's restaurant with Mark Housekeeper from, Jaso Sylva from students for concealed carry, Christian and Devin from TopGunReview and Paul Carlson who taught the defensive firearm training from Safety Solutions Academy. 

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This week Tom returns from Arkansas and tells us all about his experience with MAGIC. (That's Massad Ayoob Group Instructor Class).

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This week we recorded outside while we interviewed Devan and Christian from

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National champion pistol shooter Ben Stoeger joins the gun dudes for a wide-ranging conversation on practical pistol competition, Beretta 92's, and hot wives.

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This week is a shorter episode because of the Memorial Day holiday but we still managed to get together to talk about Stan's new project, his new target stands.

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This week we are excited to welcome back Daniel Shaw from the Gun fighter cast.

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This week Stan, Carl, and Steve Koski discuss the new draft IDPA rule book.

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This week we are joined by Steve Koski, Steven Koski Jr, as well as Mark Housekeeper from as we talk about kids in competition shooting.

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This is a microcast that the guys did at our most recent I.C.O.R. match.

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This week on GunDudes it's Patriots Day so we interview Trent Snyder, our local expert, about the Appleseed Project.

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This week we talk more training by going into moving while shooting and reloading. Afterwards, we do a little public service announcement on behalf of Stan.

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This week we get back in touch with the author of the 299 days series, Glen Tate, to talk about book 5. Which introduces the untouchable trio +1. (That's us).

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This week we started part 1 of many on training for competition shooting. For this topic we began with shooting from behind cover.

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This week we talk about some of the sites we use to find information about the laws concerning guns, knives, and pepper spray in different states.

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This week we were at our local Friends of the NRA banquet so we decided to make another micro-cast while we were there to quickly report on our impressions of the event.

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On this week's show we talked about some equipment ideas for home invasion preparation.

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Because Carl needed more time to finish up construction on the Fort Knox studio. We took the time to grab the mobile recorder and head up to meet one of our good friends, Gary Lee, at our local Cabelas. Because we were remote, we just made this an email response eisode. Also, we want to mention that is now taking pre-orders for the Glock magholder for only $19.95 but only for a limited time when you enter "GunDudes" at checkout.

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This week's show is a little longer because we have a great interview with Jim Heffelfinger, author of the book "Deer of the Southwest" and head of the Arizona Junior Jack Camp.

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This week the Fort Knox studio is being renovated so we recorded a mobile microcast after shooting an IDPA classifier.

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This week we invite Steve Koski to join us again to talk about the reasons to attend a MAG 40 class.

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This week we interview Joe Good about the new oderless gun cleaner Tec Shield Elite.

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This week Carl is helped out by Jason Christensen from Concealment Solutions, Nick Moyes from and Kenny Barlow from North American Arms. They were excited to talk about their experiences with the Laserlyte cartridge laser trainer and targeting system.

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We wrap up the 2013 Shot Show with this hour long "micro-cast". We start off talking about the things that stood out to Carl while at Shot, then we end with about 9 other interviews that were done while there.

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Shot Show 2013 Microcast

Just a short microcast from our first day of wandering at the 2013 Shot Show.

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This week we get together to talk about our predictions for this years Shot Show.

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On this week's show, we interview Kenny Barlow from one of our local gun makers, North American Arms. 

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This week we talk with Nick Moyes and Kenny Barlow about Utah's newest gun add/classifieds website

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