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Chicks talking guns (and the occasional lucky dude). Yes, you read that correctly. Come have a listen while we chat about our adventures in the gun world. Man or woman, no discrimination here!

This week we do some catching up from missing last week by talking about current events. We cover the Connecticut shooting and end by talking about the NRA.

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On this week's show, Steve Koski joins us again to talk about what we want Stan-ta Claus to bring us this year.

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This week we interview Kyle Hill from Full Spectrum Tactical about some of the training he has received and is offering.

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This week we get to visit again with Glen Tate, author of the 299 Days series. We get to hear a little about the books as well as how many books are out and how many to come.

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USPSA microcast

This week we couldn't get together but the redshirts were able to attend a USPSA match. So Travis and Steve give us their report.

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This week Jason Christensen from Concealment Solutions and Mark Housekeeper from join us to talk about pocket pistols.

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This week we get Stan's report from his latest hunting trip.

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This week we interview Mark Housekeeper from about his new line of horizontal magazine pouches.

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This week it's just Tommy and Steve Koski in a Q&A episode.

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This week it's only Stan and Carl, (Tommy hates our listeners), but we have a great interview with Massad Ayoob and Gail Peppin about the G.S.S.F. (Glock Sport Shooting Foundation).

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This week we play our interview with SilencerCo.

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Because everyone was so tired, we put together a few microcasts from this week's MAG40 class. The first is a quick talk with Gail Pepin from the ProArms podcast. The second is an interview with one of our class graduates Eric who did the entire class one handed. The last one is a last night talk with Trevor Furlote from Canadian Reload Radio, Ryan Roquin from the GunRunner podcast, Zack Calson from the GunGuys podcast, and Stan and Carl representing the GunDudes.

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Our 1st 2012 MAG 40 microcast.

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On this week's eppisode. Jason Christensen, from Concealment Solutions, joins us for our laser and light show.

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This week we get with our red shirts to talk about the Idaho I.D.P.A. State match.

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This week we invite our local paramedic, (and blue shirt), Joey Middleman , to talk about first aid for an avtive shooting situation or any other first aid emergency.

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This week we invite Steve Koski back to talk about installing new sights on pistols, (we use Glock for this example).

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This week Tom talks about increasing your speed while shooting.

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This week's show is a longer one but we were having a fun time with our guest the author of the new series of books published by Prepper Press, Glen Tate.

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This week Tom, Stan, and Carl get together to talk about fun 22's. Then later, John Hodoway joins us during the email section.

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This week all the GunDudes are gone on vacation, so Ryan and Sara Roquin from the Gunrunner podcast fill in. (Notice how Sara's feminine voice almost perfectly matches Tommy's).

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This week, Tommy wanted to talk a bit more about training. So we decided to rehash some of last weeks topic of training.

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This week Steve Koski helps us out again to avoid, as much as possible, our topic. Which ends up being about gun safety with your children.

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On this week's episode, Tom and Carl head up to northern Utah to the Kaysville gun range and interview Danny from

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This week we hear from Jason Christensen about some of his upcoming projects, Then Stan talks about his new Crusader Weaponry AR10.

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This week we get together to listen to the redshirts tell us about their trip to the Colorado IDPA state match.

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This week we were fortunate to attend the tactical carbine course taught by Crusader Weaponry's "Mad Ogre", George Hill. Then we all head over to Cafe Rio to talk about the class and the fun we had.

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This week we finish up our "cheap" talk by discussing cheap, affordable shotguns.

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This week we celebrate our 200th episode by getting everyone together, including the redshirts, to talk about cheap rifles.

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This week we wanted to talk about a few ideas for "cheap" fun guns. Not inexpensive, cheap.

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Most everyone was still gone this week but Tommy was still able to put an episode together.

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This week we try to combine listener questions about flash suppressors, muzzle breaks, and compensators... and we go off on a few tangents.

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We were not able to get together to record over the weekend so we got together after work in Travis's car and talked about our latest IDPA match. Also we mentioned in our email a new target company called, so check them out.

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This week we take a listeners suggestion and talk about what new gun we are commiting to buy this year. Later we get a few surprise phone calls. (One is from our Red Shirt, and the other raises some controversy about one of our own...)

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This Week we get together with Jason Christensen of Concealment Solutions to talk about stippling polymer framed handguns. Also, we wanted to mention Ryan Rocquin's Schools Out Summer Contest, where you can win products that he reviews.

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This week Stan and Carl interview Ryan Rocquin from the GunRunner podcast and learn a little about his show as well as his upcoming book Fidelis.

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This week Stan announces that he's building an AR10. So we go visit Joseph Chetwood of Crusader Weaponry to talk about their AR10 builds.

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This week Tom,Travis,and Steve are recording at a local ICOR match. So they took the opportunity to talk about the event.

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On this weeks show, Tommy informs us that he shot the IDPA classifier again and finally made Expert. So we made fun of him while talking about how to shoot the classifier.

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This episode was hectic but we managed to settle down for an interview with Massad Ayoob to talk about MAG 40.

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This week we are joined in studio by the un-named trucker from the Road Gunner podcast. We went off a lot, (mostly mocking each other), but we did get around to discussing training for one handed shooting.

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This week we did another jigsaw type show because of difficulties in getting together. We still made it though with an interview Tommy did with custom knife maker Liong Mah, of CRKT.

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This week we interview Jason Silva who's on the board of directors for the Students for Concealed Carry on Campus.

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This week we took a physicist shooting with us while we tested our Crimson Trace Light Guard and Laser Grips.

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This week in the break room we have the pleasure of recording in a brand new, local gunshop where we talked about basic tools for general upkeep of your guns.

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This week we finally have Jon Hodoway on the show to talk about Nighthawk Custom Training Academy and Nighthawk custom 1911 pistols. The rest of the time is spent mocking.

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Shot Show Outtake

This is the outtake that Tom mentioned in his micro-casts during the 2012 shot show.

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This week Tom and Jason Christensen return from Las Vegas to give their final thoughts on the 2012 Shot Show.

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Shot Show Day 5

This is the last microcast for the 2012 Shot Show. It's an interview with Doug Tarter from Fort Knox Safes, and also an interview with Zack Carlson from Lone Wolf Dist.

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Shot Show Day 4

Tom wraps up day 4 of the shot show.

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Shot Day 3

More interviews and thoughts from day 3 of the shot show.

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The Un-named Trucker joins Tom for some great interviews for day 2 of the Shot Show. Champion shoter Jerry Miculek and also C.E.O. of NextLevel Training Mike Hughes.

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Shot Show day 1

Tommy gives us his review of day 1, media day. Where the media gets together with the vendors to try out the new products.

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This week we have another quick episode but we eliminated the topic because Tom and Jason will be at the shot show this next week so we will be posting a number of micro-casts to make up for it.
This first link is not really gun related but it is Firefly related which is close enough for us. It's a link to the Chinese swear words and their meaning's from the TV show.
. Next is a link for the AR-15 engraved dust covers

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This week, the fantastic duo X2 are all back together with the addidion of our good friend Steve Koski. We started talking about trigger pull but like usual we ended up talking all over the place.

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We are back, finally, so we went shooting with one of our MAG 40 friends, Trent Snyder. We were ablr to shoot both the bolt action and AR10 style .308 so that became our topic.

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We managed to scrape together a microcast this week with the help from Leth in New Jersey. He sent us a gun review of the Mauser C-96. (Think of the pistol that Han Solo uses in Star Wars, it's the same.)

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This week we were barely able to get together so we decided to talk about our Christmas buy list.

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This week we give you our interview, done by Stan and Travis, with Joe Chetwood and George Hill at the Crossroads of the West gun show.

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This week we all went shooting to sight in our new AR15 builds, so we talk about our different triggers. Then we fall into our normal habbits and switch to talking about the builds themselves.

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On this week's show we interview Mike Hughes, CEO of Next Level Training ( makers of the SERT training pistol ) and finalist on the hit show Top Shot.

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For this week's show we pulled out our 2nd interview that we were able to do with nationally ranked revolver shooter Mark Terry where we talked about getting into competition revolver shooting.

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This week's show is our first Skype interview that we have been able to get to work by ourselves, (thanks to Eric Shelton and Zack Carlson for their help). We talk to Zack from Lone Wolf Dist about affordable ways to upgrade your Glock on a tight budget, and even piece together a new gun.

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This week we talk about lead poisoning from shooting with our guest, Nationaly ranked revolver shooter, Mark Terry.

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This week in the break room, we are all here in one way or another because Travis interviewed the Un-Named Trucker from the Road Gunner podcast.

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On this week's show, we interview Joe Chetwood from Crusader Weaponry, and talk about their training, their gunsmithing, and their slipstream super lubricant.

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This week we asked a very recent attendee of the training school Front Sight about his experience and we attempt to address some of the myths surrounding their classes.

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This week we have Steve Koski return to talk about the IDPA World shoot in Florida.

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The untouchable trio is back together with Stan's father in law to talk a little bit about his experience in aquiring his CCW permit in Colorado. We end with a little more about Mag40.

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This is our last "micro cast" for the Mag 40 class where Stan, Carl, and Daniel Shaw of the Gunfighter cast give some of their final thoughts.

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This is another micro cast where we talk about all the overwhelming information we are taking in.

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This episode is a microcast from our set up day before MAG 40. We talk about what we will be shooting, our visit to the Browning Museum with Massad Ayoob and Gail Peppin, and our crummy room.

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This week we cram in some talk about our upcomming MAG40 class, as well as Tom's review of his Lee Loadmaster.

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This week's episode is brought to us by our red shirts. Travis, Stave, and Jason talk about the ammunition problems at our recent, local UDPL super shoot. Carl's just there because he can't bear to let go and miss an episode.

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This week on GunDudes we interview Joey Mittleman of Mt. Nebo Training, about First Aid and some good things to have in your First Aid kits.

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On this weeks episode we finally give our review of the Bulgarian AK74 that Carl purchased from Arms of America.

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This week we record in our North studio and Travis tries his hand at editing. For our topic we discuss pocket pistols or BUG guns. (That's Back Up Guns.)

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On this weeks episode, Stan leads our discussion on clearing a barrel obstruction. Then for our training tip Tom talk's about learning to lean.

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This weeks episode was nearly lost but thanks to 2 Captain brothers, we were able to re-record a new episode. For our topic we talked about the early stages of getting your wife into shooting, (or even just tolerating guns). Then for our extra we salvaged the training tip from the old recording and used it.

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This week's episode is our third micro cast. We were not able to get together to record but we wanted to give a report of the UDPL Night Shoot event.

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This week both Stan and Travis are gone so Tom and Carl are joined by Jason from Concealment Solutions and one of our shooting friends James, to review the Rossi Ranch Hand .45 Colt lever action pistol.

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On this weeks episode Stan and Carl traveled down to central Utah to attend a 1000 yard precision rifle shoot. We decided to just talk about our impressions of long distance shooting. For the training tip, Tom talks about pushing through practice if mistakes are made.

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This week Stan, Tom, and Carl finally get to do their review of the Lone Wolf G9 Carbine. For our training tip Stan tells us plain and simple... get a shot timer if you want to improve.

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This week Tom is back... so we decided to pick on him and talk about everything that he did wrong and what he should have done to prepare for our recent shoot better. It's fun to dogpile on a friend when they are in pain.

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Everyone was wiped out and tired from the "All Steel Chalenge" we attended this Saturday so only the MEN stayed to record this episode. This week we interviewed a friend who was involved in a self defense situation, then later we talk about it for the topic.

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On this weeks episode we have Eric Shelton, formerly of the Handgun Podcast, to help us talk about accidental and negligent discharges. Then, in a supprisingly fitting quick training tip, we talk about slowing down.

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On this weeks show we talk about the benefits of shooting with a club, specifically the fun shoots they put on. So we just shared some of our favorite stages from the organized shoots we have been to. Later we introduce a new quick training tip before the emails.

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This week we kicked the young ones out so Stan and Carl could talk about revolvers.

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On this week's episode, we wanted to talk about open carrying and concealed carying while hiking and backpacking, and the equipment you can use that can help make it easier.

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This weeks show was hard for us to get together, so we split up the segments and did them with whomever was available. We decided it has been a while since we have talked about How to get involved in the Gun Rights cause, (There's always something you can do).

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This weeks episode we all got together to go shooting and test out the Timberwolf pistol we received from, (like we need an excuse to go shooting). Then we give our thoughts and humble review of it.

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This week we have Jason Christensen, from Concealment Solutions Holsters, help us out. First we picked his brain about some of the new products he has coming out. Then we did our review of Carl's PS90 rifle.

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The sound is a little off at times on this eisode because we were talking across the world with Daniel Shaw, of the Gunfighter Cast, in Japan, We just wanted to hear from one of our Marines and we thought you would too.

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This week's show we have Steve Koski on again to help us talk about some of the stupid rules of IDPA  that are commonly misunderstood and the logic or reasoning behind them.

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For this episode we were asked to say a little more about the SERT training pistol and about Desert Tactical so we quickly touoched on those subjects. Then we had our IDPA guy Steve Koski talk about why we use less gunpowder when loading heavier bullets.

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This week we finally did our review of the SIRT training laser pistol we received from the folks at , we had a lot of fun using this trainer pistol and found it has some great benefits for those involved in competition especially.

Our email was out of order for half the week but we are up and running again.

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For this episode, we broke up the segments and recorded them at different times but  Stan and Travis were able to interview the folks at Desert Tactical. These guys know precision shooting.

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We almost missed this episode but thanks to the help of Eric Shelton from the Hand Gun Podcst, we were able to get this out to you. Because Eric has participated in, and was the Safety Officer for, MAG 40, we talked to him about what to expect if you attend. As usual when Eric is on the show, we had a lot of fun.

Direct download: GunDudesEpisode137.mp3
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This weeks topic comes from our friend Steve Koski again.  It's from a Gabe Suarez article that talks about getting your gun up and functioning quickly while shooting. Also, we have the sign up ready for the Massad Ayoob MAG 40 class.

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This week we finally get around to doing a review of Tom's Headdown Products XPR BR, AR-15. (We learned that he loves it more than his FS 2000.)

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